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annual gathering party

We merit and give alms in the morning for propitiousness and good fortune to all employees. Moreover, in the evening there is a party for employees to enjoy foods and beverages together with executives. There are many offers from the executive level for the staff to enjoy the evening together such as games, prizes, award winning for the best employee. This event creates a good environment in the working place for everyone to enjoy and to know how to work in a team; in addition, building a good relationship between each team.


Annual fire drills

To build safety, develop skills, knowledge and increase understanding of firefighting, our company has an annual fire drill by organizing training activities for everyone in the team, which helps everyone to have a better understanding of fire protection and proper fire extinguishing.


Customers from Honda Technic visit the factory

On site visit (Honda Technic) factory, customers have the opportunity to inspect the quality and safety of the production process in the factory. This is to ensure that the products received from our manufacturing meet international standards. With this opportunity, customers can gather more information about the production process and quality control methods. Engineer teams and expertise will present and clarify the production process procedures and examine the quality. Moreover, the priority safety in every detail of processing the work is the key for our effort.