We provide leading Zinc Electroplating Services
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Our Specialty

E.Z.P. provides quality zinc electroplating and metal finishing services for automobile parts, motorcycle parts,
electronic parts and general industry sector.

Mass Production Continuos Flow Production

Our production line are massive and able to accommodate mass production with ease. By utilizing batch-wise production, we are able to produce variety of product at a time with high standard to fit our customer needs.

Wide Product Range

At E.Z.P., we also specialized in zinc plating service to niche products which other company may not be able to.

On Time Delivery

Because we value that time is of essential to our customer, therefore we also have a policy called “On-time delivery” which we will deliver the product on customer order.

Good Governance

One of the pillar to our success is “Good governance”, we are devoted in making the community and industry a better place, by building trust and transparency among our employee and customer alike.

Our Customer

We proud of our portfolio and our customer.

Interest in our Product & Service

If you want to add value and durability to your part, please contact us
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