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With almost 40 years of experiences in the Zinc Electroplating Industry, we are recognised by our leading clients and customers who trust us as one of the country leading in providing Zinc Electroplating Services in Thailand.
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Year 2520 (B.E.)

EZP was founded on February 16, 2520 by Mr.Amnuay Boonlert as President and Mrs. Pusadee Boonlert as Vice-President of the establishment. Initially we only have 645.8 sq.ft. as the operation site inside a commercial building on Poochaosamingprai Samutprakan road next to Rueng-Charoen Market,Containing one Manual Plating Line with 3 small barrels, which only required two employees to operate. The first-ever zinc plating order were from “Thai Honda, National, Hitashi, Aoyama, Kawasaki, Suzuki, กันยง, Unipart, บางกอก, จ.เจริญการช่าง, KH, OK and TSA” The first-ever batch completed were able to earn us 72,000 baht.

Year 2523 (B.E.)

In 2523, We were unable to keep up with orders from customers, Therefore EZP has to expand to the nearest commercial buildings, which increases the total area of operation to 1937.40 square feet and able to installed two additional Manual Plating Line, increase from 3 barrels to 13 barrels and 1 rack line.

Year 2524 (B.E.)

In 2524, EZP was once again, expanded to the commercial building on the opposite side of the road, which further increases the area of operation to 3229 square feet. Yielding total of 6 Manual Plating Line with 30 barrels and 9 racks line.

Year 2528 (B.E.)

In the year 2528, EZP has decided to move the entire operation site to a new location with the total area of 172,222 Sq.ft. on 174 Bang sao thong road km. 20.5 or today’s current location. As of today we have a total of 4 Plating Line containing 178 barrels, 8 rack line with 66 overhead hoist lines. Since the first day of establishment, The President and co. has always use the ideology of commitment to good governance principles with emphasize on kindness and loyalty towards the organization and customers, which is the main pillar of success that EZP has today. EZP continues to grow and develop innovative strategies by cooperating with the team from ATC and Plating specialist team from Japan with one goal in mind “To improve the quality and customer satisfaction of our plating product”


We are committed to be one with the supply chain.


We are committed to build “Trust Through Transparency”


In 2002 we continue to improve our standard and receive ISO 9001, which show that our establishment standard is recognised on the International stage of which we’re very proud of. Since then we continue strive to and seek further improvement on our Production standard and finally received ISO/TS 16949 in 2013, which mean we are one of the highest standard, country-leading in providing Zinc plating service and essential to Thailand Zinc plating industry.

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